At our studio in NYC we coach small groups

through varied, full-body workouts that efficiently develop strength, mobility, and aerobic conditioning.

Our classes are an action-packed 30 minutes.

Fast and effective with comprehensive instruction.

It's easy to get started with us. Just try a free intro class.


From there, we offer a First Month Special

of Unlimited All Level Classes for just $125.

Not near our studio?


Our Online Training brings the same workouts we do in our classes right to you in your home.


We deliver thorough instruction videos five days per week, complete with modifications for equipment and ability.

Try a one week free trial with us to see if it works for you.


Just Show Up

Liberated Fitness is a small, coach-directed, fitness studio

operating in NYC since 2012.

We specialize in fast, focused, and effective classes progressing basic functional movement

to high level fitness within an

inclusive and supportive community.


Want to see if it's for you?

Try any one of our training options for free!

"CrossFit’s cultish Hulk–meets–Karate Kid regimen easily packs 30-person classes in this city. But at Michael Rapoza’s tiny, window- walled studio, the emphasis is on mastery, not masses. Groups of eight or fewer perfect push-ups, pull-ups, and other basics in a series of beginner sessions... before progressing to handstands and heavy lifting."

-New York Magazine 



857-891-6133  |

1005 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY. 10025

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